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I write my dreams because they’re too crazy to keep to myself. See below for the latest news on my books and release dates.

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It’s like a VERY DARK Infernal Devices meets, Jonathon Strange and Mr.Norrell, with a splash of One Dark Window and Belladonna vibes all mixed together but totally and completely its own one of a kind story, that I just LOVED!!!

Goodreads Review

Loved this book. It has such a wonderful story of finding magic and strength in oneself!!!

Goodreads Review
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After a series of vivid dreams several years ago, I decided to turn them into a story. Since then, more dreams have become both short stories and pending novels. I have various novel ideas and outlines just waiting to be written once I’m done with my primary WIP. I like to work on one main WIP at a time while dipping into others when I need a break. Check out some short stories on my Dreams of a Fantasist page.

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My first project was a pentalogy. I drafted the whole thing until I had over 500k+ words. After learning more about writing, I realised it was too big of a project for a first-time author. I decided to work on a standalone, which is ready for the publishing process. See teasers of my WIPs on my Novels page. 

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I am also a great critique partner and beta reader. If you have a fantasy or sci-fi (upper YA to adult) that you’d like to swap with one of my WIPs for thoughts, feel free to reach out.

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