Out of Ashes Release Date February 14th

My debut novel, Out of Ashes, is now available for pre-sale on Amazon Kindle and will be available in paperback nearer release date on February 14th.

If you don’t know what my book is about, you might think from the date that it’s a cute romance for Valentine’s day. You’d be wrong. It’s the anti-valentine, but I chose this date for personal reasons relating to what drove me to write this book. 

I’m on Amazon 😍

It’s been three years since I started it, and it’s been an emotional journey writing it. I have worked on another project in the meantime while I let the ideas float around, but I was talking with my colleagues the other day about it, and they said… “Why don’t you just do it if it’s ready?” So I did.

With Amazon KDP, I don’t have to upload the final manuscript until nearer the time, so I still have time to market it and get some ARC readers leading up to the release. 

So there you go. Out of Ashes is available for pre-sale on Kindle and should be available on paperback soon and will be on Goodreads once I get the ISBN. Amazon’s are free so I’ll stick with them for this book.


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