Out of Ashes Update – 3 Days to Go

All is well and on track for release day on Amazon in paperback, hardback and Kindle Unlimited. Unfortunately, there was a hiccup with Barnes and Noble, and release day will be the 17th. 

I swear it wasn’t completely my fault, but due to a minor mistake in the formatting, I had to re-upload the final files to B&N at the last minute. I did this before the deadline, but when I went to set the publication date, it wouldn’t let me choose a day before the 17th. 

This might not seem like the end of the world, but someone had pre-ordered a copy and now has to wait for them. 😭 And as an author, I want to make sure my readers get the best from me and the places I choose to sell my book. 

Live and learn, I guess.

But it did prompt me to get some bookish goodies for a special reader and for a giveaway if I reach 1k on TikTok by or on release day. I hope to have two exciting things to celebrate next week. I’m just waiting on my personalised goodies from my local printer, and I’ll be sending out my treats.


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