February Update – Sneak Peek at The Viper’s Library

I’m so excited about The Viper’s Library trilogy. I started it for NaNoWriMo in November 2022 but was focussing on Out of Ashes, so I kept dipping in and out. Now it’s finally a whole story, and I’m ready for feedback. I have to do a run-through to clear up as many spelling and silly grammarContinue reading “February Update – Sneak Peek at The Viper’s Library”

Out of Ashes Update – 3 Days to Go

All is well and on track for release day on Amazon in paperback, hardback and Kindle Unlimited. Unfortunately, there was a hiccup with Barnes and Noble, and release day will be the 17th.  I swear it wasn’t completely my fault, but due to a minor mistake in the formatting, I had to re-upload the finalContinue reading “Out of Ashes Update – 3 Days to Go”

Out of Ashes Cover Reveal

I’m not going to lie. I was so emotional opening this and wanted to make a video of my reactions and thoughts.  Here are the things I liked… What I have to fix… So to sum up, I’m so incredibly happy with the cover and just have to make those couple of minor adjustments.

Out of Ashes ARCs Go out in Two Days!

Hello fellow fantasy novel lovers, Exciting news! Not only are the ARCs for Out of Ashes going out on Friday the 6th, but I’m also revealing the cover on social media, maybe Saturday to give my ARC readers a chance to see the cover. There’s still time to get the ARc. Just sign up hereContinue reading “Out of Ashes ARCs Go out in Two Days!”

Happy New Year! Out of Ashes Is on Goodreads

Happy New Year everyone. I’m so excited to announce that Out of Ashes is now on Goodreads so you can add it to your “want to read” list for your 2023 TBR. I’m still looking for ARC readers and will be sending them out next Friday 6th of January. To sign up, click here. Don’tContinue reading “Happy New Year! Out of Ashes Is on Goodreads”

The Fourth Wall – An Out of Ashes Short Story – Clair D’Éclat

Here’s a little teaser for my debut novel, OUT OF ASHES, coming out February 14th 2023. This short story is set before the the main book. You can read it below or download the ebook here or add it to your favourites on Wattpad Disclaimer – All art and editing for this short story isContinue reading “The Fourth Wall – An Out of Ashes Short Story – Clair D’Éclat”