Here are some of my WIPs (all are subject to change). A couple are well on their way to completion. I’ll be sharing sneak peeks when they’re ready to publish. In the meantime, enjoy the blurbs and images that I feel represent something significant in my book. Some have a mini non-spoilery quote.

All images are from and are purely for my own inspiration and an idea of what the story is about.

Out of Ashes

Original image specifically for my book

Out of Ashes follows Clair, a fire witch, on a journey of pretty music, dark magic, and insanity.

This gothic fantasy is complete and awaiting publication with two more books planned that can be read separately or as a series.

Growls and grunts sound from above me, and my fingers fumble over the smooth glass containing the concoction. Twirling dust sends the vial sliding in my direction. I swipe it up and get to my feet. The warlock’s eyes are half-lidded, his fingers playing at the air. He smiles before going limp.


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Starlighters is a mythic fantasy and romance that brings ancient worlds to life as descendants of those believed to be ancient gods return to Earth to find their lost prince

I started writing this mythic fantasy pentalogy in 2015 after a series of crazy dreams. The whole series is drafted, and I’m polishing up book 1 and 2.

An untameable flame flickered with unruly wrath inside Jade and crawled out of the darkness to the surface of her skin. It spilled out with fiery heat, rushing along her veins. Scarlet wings unfurled behind her, feathers clattering as they snapped out wide.

Reino del Mar

A Starlighters spin-off which leads into a fun trilogy with a new generation and a new world. Story and character are under wraps until the Startlighters pentalogy is released into the world.

Fae and Foe

Sage grew up in our world with her father after he left his fae home to keep her safe from the war that killed her mother. He taught her as best he could about the land of the fae for the day it was safe to return, but when her fae uncle turns up desperate for her help, Sage discovers more about her fae magic and past that her mother kept secret.

The Viper’s Library (Working title)

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Zelenka fled her blood-thirsty sisters and her sire centuries ago and found a quiet place to spend her immortal existence. When her sisters find her, she’s forced to reveal her true identity and ask for help from the hunters who planned to kill her.

My fangs hovered over the pulsing in his neck, and his hand twitched in some signal to his friends. What it meant, I didn’t care. “That much is clear, but I can still taste you.” I sank my teeth into his neck, relishing in the thick, warm liquid that seeped past my lips. I chose my venom, a blissful toxin that took the pain and fear from a human, making them far easier to feed from.

Elemental Storm

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A fun steampunk adventure following Esme, a slave in a magical gem mine until she escapes.

Another dream-inspired series that’s partially drafted.

Sweat and grime clung to Esme’s skin as she poked at a broken firestone lamp. The damn thing had irked her for days with its incessant flickering. An extra coil of the brass wiring around the minute stone drew out a smidge more light.

The Crimson Gate (Working Title)

Laurel is a demon hunter who guards the gates to various hell dimensions, including the one to her own homeworld. But when one of the gates shatters, demons from that hell world spill through and turn Earth into their personal hunting ground.

This is planned for a future project.

It’s always the white sand dunes I dream of first, their never-ending waves and rippling heat on the horizon. Then I dream of the wings, flapping hard as my shadow follows my flight across the sand. The white sun casts its scorching rays on my world, but my onyx scales relish in its intensity. 

Last Goddess

Centuries ago, Viridiana was once a goddess. Now she hides among humans, having escaped those who found a way to kill her kind. But when her mortal friends start turning up dead, she knows her time in hiding is up, and she has to face her past.

This is planned for a future project.