Starlighters were once gods, angels, myths, and legends of ancient civilisations until their internal war forced them to leave to keep humans safe.

Imagine mythological or legendary places like Asgard, Themyscira, Atlantis and Wakanda existed in ancient times, but their cultures were lost to Earth’s history. Not to the Starlighters who found their new home on Ascension, a planet made by the stars who once blessed them. 

I had a dream, and I wrote about it. Then I had more dreams to complete the story. It was meant to be a trilogy, but everything evolved so much that I had to make it a pentalogy. It’s currently drafted but needs serious work. I hope to get back to this by the end of 2024 after The Viper’s Library and maybe publish book 1 as early as spring 2025.

This series has a strong scientific element in that their powers are based on physics or theoretical physics. I have adapted science a little to work with my story, but I researched a lot to make it as realistic as possible. 

Wings of Fire and Fury, Starlighters #1

Jade and Lucas were best friends, future leaders of neighbouring kingdoms until a portal stole him from her and sent their world into chaos. 

Now her kingdom, Aegyptus, and Lucas’s, Olympia, are on the brink of war with the Atlantians. Not only does Jade have to live with the loss of her best friend and father, but her mother is forcing a marriage to the Atlantian heir in exchange for peace. But Jade knows her unwanted betrothed won’t stop there.  

Jade’s best friend, Cassia, has to rally Jade and the other Guardians, trained warriors, to risk their lives to open a portal to Earth to bring her cousin home. But when Jade and Lucas reunite, things get complicated with their ability to return home and with unresolved feelings. 

Blades of Ice and Darkness, Starlighters #2 

Cassia gets the spotlight in book two of the Starlighters Saga.

Dreams of Wrath and Ruin #3

More on this and the rest of the series as I release the books. 

Kingdom of War and Chaos #4

More on this and the rest of the series as I release the books. 

Empire of Frost and Embers, Starlighters #5

More on this and the rest of the series as I release the books.